Review: Sylo

SYLO - D.J. MacHale

Sylo was not the type of book I usually read and, I was excited about that. I was written in a boy's POV, featured the military, and wasn't dystopian or post-apocalyptic. In other words, I'd never really read a book like this before.

Our story begins with a football game and an ordinary boy who wanted to be anything but extraordinary. Tucker Pierce is the worst player on the team and doesn't mind sitting on the bench for most of every game. Tucker has no problem staying on Pemberwick Island for the rest of his life. And that was the plan, before the U.S. Navy invaded. But something isn't quite right, even if they were quarantined, they should still have communication with the main land....

I liked Tucker well enough. He's just your average fourteen year old boy, so the fact that he wanted nothing more than to never leave Pemberwick didn't bother me. However, to be honest, Tori got on my nerves a little bit. Why she wouldn't talk for half the book is beyond me. I felt like there was actually a reason behind her reluctance but, apparently, there isn't. Kent was a jerk.  When push came to shove, and he was required to do something life-threatening, he turned out to be nothing more than a wimp. Tucker, who had never wanted to something big in his life, bucked up and was brave. Kent turned into a wimp who only kept helping because of a girl. Pathetic. I was actually hoping Kent would become a good friend of Tucker's but he remained the same scumbag presented to us in the first chapter. I have no respect for him whatsoever.

Sylo was well-written and the story kept moving at a consistent pace - not slow but not fast. This book did make me angry though. From the moment the military invaded, I was filled with complete outrage and just having to read about the soldiers made my blood boil. But, Sylo wasn't the tense, bomb-dropping book I expected, which was disappointing. And while I can't say the pacing was slow, I wish there hadn't been as much down time. Even in the midst of action it felt like the events were still moving at the same pace Tucker would use to walk down the street.

The ending wasn't all that surprising. I mean, when they finally did get to the main land, we were supposed to somehow be surprised that it was all torn up. Honestly, I expected it to be ruined. Unlike the characters, I didn't expect people to be there so the ending was a little meh, for me.

All in all, Sylo was good but I wouldn't say it was amazing either.