Review: The Moth in the Mirror

The Moth in the Mirror - A.G. Howard


The Moth in the Mirror is a nice addition to the Splintered trilogy. The writing was, as always, fantastic. I love the insight this e-novella offers.


Morpheus made me shake my head more than once. He does the wrong things but his intentions are usually good. The thing I'm coming to understand about Morpheus is that he doesn't just see things differently from humans; his understanding of life and its concepts is basically wildly skewed. He loves her the way he understands love to be (which is wrong a lot of the time) but it isn't really his fault.


We were mostly in Jeb's head which, honestly, I got a bit annoyed. I mean, I knew we would be in his head but I didn't expect to get as annoyed with Jeb as I did. It wasn't to the point where I couldn't stand it all though. I do wish we had been able to have a bit more of Morpheus's thoughts and narrative during this time.


Poor Morpheus is more determined than ever to make Alyssa fall in love with him and leave Jeb. Sadly, he's going to end up making her pretty mad if he doesn't change his plans. But I still can't help but root for him.


Don't judge me.